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Chiu Chow

The Chiu Chow brand is named after Chiu Chow, a regional Chinese cuisine less known, but inspired by Cantonese food. The most popular legacy of Chiu Chow, or Teochew cuisine is its use of fish balls. Fish balls are usually eaten in everyday noodle soups, by boiling chicken stock, adding the fish balls, and some vegetables to taste. In Thailand, it is common to eat them fried or grilled as a snack.

To produce its market leading fish balls, Chiu Chow brand selects the absolute best of the daily sea catch, which is then filleted, finely minced, cooked or fried, and immediately frozen. A process only Chiu Chow has been able to lift to global quality standards. Chiu Chow is proud that its unceasing commitment to quality and delicious taste has made its brand a household name in home market Thailand.

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